Statistics on Liver Cancer

Here are the American Cancer Society's most recent estimates for primary liver and bile duct cancers in the United States for 2010:

This cancer is more common in men than in women. An average man's lifetime risk of getting liver or bile duct cancer is about 1 in 94, while an average woman's risk is about 1 in 212.

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The Liver Tumor Program at Methodist Specialty and Transplant Hospital

Texas ranks second in the number of newly diagnosed liver cancer cases and has one of the highest mortality rates in the country.  Majority of the cases are diagnosed at a late stage where patient treatment options are minimal and unfortunately have only months to live. Multidisciplinary liver tumor boards such as the Liver Tumor Consortium offered at Methodist Specialty and Transplant Hospital and now Metropolitan Methodist Hospital, are the ideal forum to discuss the current multiple therapies available and improve patient survival. This unique Consortium was created out of a need to provide organized support for liver cancer. The multidisciplinary team includes transplant surgeons, general surgeons with special interest in solid organ tumors, interventional radiologists and oncologists.

There are multiple therapies available ranging from surgery, interventional radiology and chemotherapy. Our Consortium panel of experts meets to discuss the management of individual patients and design the best therapy for that particular case. It has been demonstrated that the outcome (survival) of patients with liver tumors improves if their cases are managed by medical teams.

Only through early tumor detection and physician collaboration can we improve current patient death rate. Methodist Specialty and Transplant physicians can thoroughly evaluate and perform latest procedures and therapies for liver tumor patient:  laparoscopic treatment, radiology treatment, the Nanoknife and liver transplantation.

Important Facts about the Texas Transplant Institute Liver Transplant Program at
 Methodist Specialty and Transplant Hospital:

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For more information about our Liver Tumor Consortium or Liver Transplant Program:  call the Texas Transplant Institute Liver Disease and Transplant Clinic at:  210-575-4837.